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Many of our courses can be adapted for in-house delivery and can be specifically tailored to meet individual needs.

Sometimes due to reasons beyond our control a course has to be cancelled or postponed.  We will advise nominating officers and applicants immediately of such a decision.  Please note in exceptional circumstances we may have to make changes at short notice to the content (to reflect changes in legislation, current thinking or topical issues), timing, speakers and/or venue.

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Executive Coaching & Mentoring  (ILM Level 7 Certificate)



From Sep 05, 2018 to Apr 29 2019

Course Duration:

5 days attendance + 2 professional practice sets + preparation towards the assessed assignments


Dennett House, 11 Middle Street, Taunton, Somerset, Somerset, TA1 1SH – this course can also be delivered on an in-house basis


A five-day workshop for senior managers or HR/OD professionals, with significant responsibility for coaching as part of their day-to-day role, who want to develop their expertise and credibility or to establish coaching on an organisational level. The programme includes an induction webinar, a pre-attendance self-assessment activity, 3 additional research activities, 5 days of interactive theory and practice-based learning, 2 professional practice sets and assignment tutorials. You will also be provided with a course text book and access to a toolkit of coaching/mentoring resources authored by Prof D Clutterbuck

05 Sep 1810.00 - 11.00
Day110 Sep 18 9.30 – 16.30
Day 211 Sep 18 9.30 – 16.30
Practice Set
07 Nov 1810.00 – 12.00
07 Nov 1812.00 – 13.00
Day 303 Dec 189.30 – 16.30
Day 422 Jan 199.30 – 16.30
Practice Set
04 Feb 1910.00 – 12.00
04 Feb 1912.00 - 13.00
Day 512 Mar 199.30 – 16.30
29 Apr 19 

Please note:  this is not a residential course and accommodation is not included 


A qualification programme designed to provide senior managers or HR/OD professionals, with significant responsibility for coaching as part of their day-to-day role, with the expertise and credibility to establish coaching on an organisational level.

Supervision is an essential part of the ILM qualification and each participant is allocated 4 hours with a Supervisor to be used proactively and periodically in line with individual needs and in agreement with the Supervisor. Supervision can take the form of one to one meetings (if you travel to your Supervisor), telephone conversations, email or Skype interaction. You need to demonstrate in your assignments that this has been completed and be able to meet the assessment criteria relating to supervision


  • Principles of Coaching
  • Coaching in Practice
  • Review & Reflection 
  • Organisational Context
  • Executive Coaching

How is it assessed?

There are three assignments:

Assignment 1 is a research project that focuses on your understanding of the context in which effective coaching or mentoring operates. You should demonstrate understanding of the strategic and operational issues relating to coaching and mentoring for individuals and organisations

Assignment 2 requires you to prepare for and undertake 20 hours of coaching for senior clients and to reflect on your performance

Assignment 3 takes the form of a reflective review requiring you to complete an in-depth and evidenced reflection and assessment of yourself in relation to the requirements and challenges of the coaching role


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Closing Date:


Course Administrator:

training@swcouncils.gov.uk or call 01823 270101

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"Very enjoyable, personally rewarding and motivating course"

"The training, had a brilliant mix of theory and practice in a safe, relaxed environment"

"The knowledge, experience and skill of the two tutors was exceptional, they made the days fun, practical and valuable"

For Coaching Pool participants
Member Organisations:  £1750
Non-Member Organisations:  £1950

For Non-Coaching Pool participants
Member Organisations:  £2050
Non-Member Organisations:  £2150


(All prices subject to VAT.  Discounts for multiple bookings may apply)

Please note that study at L7 will require a higher degree of independent thinking and you will be expected to present an argument (justify), and make judgements about qualitative aspects (appraise) and create your own ideas.

At this level the organisational and strategic context plays a much greater role. The focus is on organisational change rather than developing individuals and you will need to be in a position to make things happen (not just comment on how things currently are) and make recommendations that can be progressed within the organisation.

Exemptions from the first two days, and a reduced price of  £1050, may be possible for candidates who have recently achieved the Level 5 Certificate.  Contact the L&D team to discuss this.


"This programme is useful not only for coaches, but in everyday working life"

Previous Skills / Knowledge required:

Priority will be given to bookings from South West Coaching Pool participants


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