HR and Employment Services

South West Councils handle thousands of queries every year from employers. Our team members are professionally qualified experienced specialists so we bring a wealth of expertise to bear on the issues facing organisations.

We support officers at all levels and also, as a local authority member led organisation, we work directly with senior Councillors to clarify and resolve confidential and sensitive HR  issues, as well as providing day-to-day advice on routine HR matters.

Member organisations receive some support free and additional consultancy support at discounted rates.  We also provide one-off support for non-members. For prices and membership options please contact info@swcouncils.gov.uk 

For further information on support we offer below phone 01823 270101 or email info@swcouncils.gov.uk

Employment Advice Hotline

An office hours service providing expert advice and support on employment issues including:

  • Absence Management
  • Performance management 
  • Performance and conduct 
  • Employment law and tribunals 
  • Pay and grading 
  • Staffing and structure reviews 
  • Job evaluation 
  • Managing redundancy
  • Assessment procedures 
  • Recruitment and selection
  • School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) and Burgundy Book 
  • Other general HR issue

Regular Newsletter - free to member organisations

We share information and best practice through a regular newsletters which includes an Employment Law update

Information Collection and Sharing - free to local authority members

We undertake surveys on issues of concern to our member organisations and share information with participants

Employment Consultancy Service

Where issues and cases need more involved support we provide consultancy on a fixed daily rate or a pre-agreed fee at discounted member rates. We guide you through complex and sensitive issues including those set out in the boxes below.


Recruitment and Selection : Consultancy Support

We offer expert advice and support on all aspects of recruitment and selection.


Job Evaluation / Pay and Grading Consultancy

We are experts in the use of the national Joint Council (NJC) and greater London Provincial Council (GLPC) job evaluation schemes.  We offer specific training, independent technical advice and best practice associated with local government pay and grading reviews.


Epaycheck Benchmarking system for local authority members

A secure pay benchmarking facility, developed for the public sector by the public sector.

Disciplinary and Grievance Investigations: Consultancy Support

We offer independent investigations, advising at disciplinary or grievance hearings and appeals.



Our trained and experienced mediators can support mediation and conflict resolution processes.. We can also support authorities to design and implement an in-house mediation strategy and to train internal mediators.


Policy Development and Review

We offer a service to create new policies or assess existing policies to ensure compliance and currency.

Appraisal Support: Consultancy Support (Chief Executive appraisal free to local authority member organisations)

We offer training and support in carrying out appraisal processes and advice on the development of appraisal systems.


Personal and Team Development: Consultancy Support

Alongside a wide range of learning and development support we offer a range of tools to support development.

Conferences, Events and Networks 

We offer a range of topical conferences, events and networks to meet the changing needs of the local government community and promote the sharing of good practice.

National Pay and Pensions Negotiations

South West Councils represent the South West on the National Association of Regional Employers (NARE) which includes members and officers from each of the English regions, Northern Ireland and Wales.  NARE acts as a sounding board and conduit for the Local Government Employers on national pay and pensions issues it is also a useful platform for sharing information and collaborating with other regions.

South West Councils also forms the Employers' side of the Regional Joint Consultative and Negotiating Body, the South West Provincial Council.