HR and Employment Services

South West Councils has extensive experience of providing employment support.Leaflet image

Our team of professionally qualified and experienced specialists offer high quality independent Employment Advice free to member organisations including:

 We also provide consultancy (at discounted rates to member organisations) on:

Our services are summarised in a leaflet which can be downloaded Leaflet.

Members and Meetings


Case-by-case support on intractable, confidential and sensitive issues. Subject to a fixed daily rate or a pre-agreed fee, we guide you through complex issues including:

  • Employee relations: performance and conduct; internal enquiries; employment tribunals; staffing reviews; drafting and negotiating contracts of employment; redundancy management
  • Reviews of Grading and Salary Structure: Job Evaluation and Grading; assessment; implementation and communication
  • Recruitment, selection and retention: advice on recruitment advertising; salary setting; management of assessment centres; industry standard personality testing tools; media testing; management assessment
  • Development and Training: in-house training for Members, senior managers and personnel specialists; management of on-going staff development issues; appraisal training; performance reviews; competence-based training; and organisational development plans