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Many of our courses can be adapted for in-house delivery and can be specifically tailored to meet individual needs.

Sometimes due to reasons beyond our control a course has to be cancelled or postponed.  We will advise nominating officers and applicants immediately of such a decision.  Please note in exceptional circumstances we may have to make changes at short notice to the content (to reflect changes in legislation, current thinking or topical issues), timing, speakers and/or venue.

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Communicating even better when you understand people’s metaprograms



Jun 25, 2020 10:00 - 12:00


Join Sue Haswell for this virtual session.

Sue is a qualified and experienced consultant, trainer and coach.  She's an accredited NLP Master Practitioner & trainer, and facilitator. She has been running her own communications, training and consultancy business (www.bigresults-training.com)  since 1997, and currently offers open Coaching,  NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Trainings.

  •  Do you prefer working as team player? Or are you happier working alone?  
  • Would you like a job where facts matter most? Or does creativity rule in your world?  
  • Are you driven to take risks? Or would you prefer the safe life?  

These are metaprograms – and we all run them. Whether we have a preference to introversion or extraversion, whether we prefer rules or freedom, whether we enjoy seeking for details or we can only ever see the big picture, we have these preferences.  Of course, these metaprograms work well for us, most of the time – otherwise we would have changed them. 

Have you heard of MBTI, DiSC and Belbin?  These are typing tools – and they are also based on the concept of metaprograms.   


In this short webinar, we’ll get to understand metaprograms, based around DiSC, and also take our understanding into wider metaprograms.  

We’ll look at problems of going against our preferred metaprogram, and how it can be stressful when someone challenges our programs – because usually we don’t even realise what’s going on for us, and we just feel deep discomfort, challenged or stressed. 


ABOUT Sue Haswell 

Sue Haswell is a qualified and experienced trainer and business coach.  She first discovered NLP in the early 1990’s, when she was running a communications agency and growing a team of creatives. She qualified in NLP in the early 2000’s and set up www.nlp-uk.co.uk in 2017. She now runs annual training for NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioners. 

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