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How to do ‘nothing’ in a meaningful way



Jun 18, 2020 15:00 - 16:15




Join Michelle Lucas for this virtual session.

 Michelle’s first interest was psychology, and this led to a career in HR, spanning over 20 years. It was this HR work that drew her into coaching, having spent much of her time supporting executives that were dealing with transition. In 2003 she set up “Greenfields” her coaching business, where she works as a career and executive coach, as well as a supervisor.


Who would have thought that the government’s encouragement to “stay at home” during the pandemic, inviting us to do “nothing” would be so difficult?!  Perhaps because until  now many of our organisations and indeed our societal culture has treated “busyness” as a badge of honour.

At work and at home, many of us are used to being “time poor”.  Yet having more time thrust upon us resulted for most of us in a fervent desire to keep busy!  Some of us reached out to help others, some took the opportunity to invest in personal development or to finally read the books on our shelves, while others amongst us de-cluttered our houses.

But how many of us chose to stay still?  Without activity we are left alone with our thoughts – and that can be scary….will we like what we discover?


Michelle will share a model  about “time structuring” which may help participants understand why keeping busy is so comfortable to us. She will also introduce a model of “mini-selves” which helps us recognise, understand and integrate the many different facets of our identity. 

Having offered some thought provoking ideas and questions, delegates will have time to work alone and in small groups to experiment with some techniques to help us access and manage the thoughts that arise in our “nothingness”. Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone?  

Join this webinar and dare to get to know yourself even better. 

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