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A new South West Stakeholder Group has been established in the region. It developed out of the SEEP group on the Assembly, which has now ceased to operate. Background information about the SEEPs is below, this website will be updated soon with information about the South West Stakeholders.

The South West Regional Assembly is a partnership of councillors from all Local Authorities in the region, comprising 70% of the total Assembly Membership and representatives of various interest sectors known as the Social, Economic and Environmental Partners (SEEPs) comprising 30% of the Membership.

The Social, Economic and Environmental Partners, or SEEPs as they are known, are drawn from a wide range of sectors which currently includes business, agriculture, tourism, co-operative mutual, trade unions, faith communities, learning skills & business support, voluntary and community, equalities, culture media and sport, youth, housing, public transport users, health and the environment.

The SEEP representatives are nominated by regional bodies and stakeholders and sit on the Assembly for between two and four years depending on the period set by their nominating body. The process for nominating and electing SEEP Members and determining which interests are represented is, itself, reviewed at least every four years to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

For more information about this process please see below.


SEEP Membership Review: 2007

The Assembly completed a thorough review of the SEEP Membership and engagement as Assembly partners in July 2007.

The review was led by a small group of SEEP Members and the overall aim was to ensure SEEP Membership continues to be fully representative of the region.

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