HR and Employment Services

South West Councils has extensive experience of providing employment support.Leaflet image

Our team of professionally qualified and experienced specialists offer high quality independent Employment Advice free to member organisations including:

 We also provide consultancy (at discounted rates to member organisations) on:

Our services are summarised in a leaflet which can be downloaded Leaflet.

Members and Meetings

Individual and Team Development

SW Councils can support individual and team development both through our training provision and through support from our experienced and qualified team in  delivering a number of tools which can help raise self-awareness at individual,  team and organisational level including:

GC Index:
South West Councils team, working with the GC Index® empowers organisations to drive performance and achieve innovation goals by transforming their approach to talent management.

SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaires (psychometric tests):
A personality questionnaire exploring behavioural preferences to provide organisations and individuals with a better understanding of their preferred way of working and identify how to develop new skills and enhance existing ones. 

SHL Scenarios:
Three versions of the test are available designed to assess judgement in Graduates, Managers or Senior Executives. Scenarios measure an individual’s ability to weigh up real-life situations and decide on appropriate and effective ways of handling them.  Their responses are compared with a set of ideal answers generated by experts – giving an assessment of their judgement.

360  Assessment:
SW Councils has access to different 360 assessment tools which can help individuals by gaining feedback from colleagues which enables a well-grounded understanding of how they work, how their strengths are perceived and how they can develop.

For other specialist suport and services contact HR@swcouncils.gov.uk or call 01823 270101