Epaycheck: National Pay Benchmarking Service

 Epaycheck is the national online pay benchmarking service developed for local government by local government.  It enables participating councils to share and compare pay and reward data for all Chief Officer roles and a range of other job families of sector-wide interest.  

Focused reports are produced periodically using data from Epaycheck.  These reports are available at no additional cost to authorities subscribing to the service, the annual subscription fee for which is currently a modest £200. 

Epaycheck Data Report
In September 2018 a report has been published entitled ‘Planning Roles: Pay, recruitment and retention’, responding to ongoing concerns about difficulty in recruiting and retaining planners. The report identifies variation in pay across the regions, explores recruitment and retention ratings and provides trend data on pay increases over recent years. 

We hope that this report demonstrates the value, quantity and depth of the data available on Epaycheck.  Users in subscribing organisations can also log in to Epaycheck to access all the information in ‘real time’, including new pre-set public reports providing full data on each job family at the touch of a button. 

For further information on the Epaycheck system please click here.  For any queries about the report or any aspect of Epaycheck, please contact your Regional Administrator, michele.evans@swcouncils.gov.uk.



South West Councils can provide support for recruitment at all levels including Chief Executive and senior staff recruitment. Our experienced team can help you at every step of the recruitment process from helping to write a meaningful job description, person specification and recruitment advert, through long and short listing, drafting Panel questions, facilitating group exercises and supporting the interview Panel. 

Our team can also support the delivery of a number of tools to support a robust selection process including:

  • Occupational Personality Questionnaires (psychometric tests)  - A personality questionnaire looking at behavioural preferences  which can provide additional information for Panels in decision making
  • Verbal and numerical reasoning – ability tests which can be pitched at the appropriate level for the role and which provide a comparison score for candidates 
  • Clerical checking  - tests for more junior staff involved in detailed checking of information
  • Executive or Management scenarios – ability test looking looking at management skills, which would provide a comparison score for candidates

    (the first three tools are supported by SHL) 
  • Game Changer Index® Assessment tool - Measures the preferred inclination of how individuals contribute to a role and/or organisation. more detail here

Our qualified staff are able to assess the results of the completed exercises and communicate them to individuals and employers in order to support recruitment and development decisions.

For other specialist HR support and services contact HR@swcouncils.gov.uk or call 01823 270101.