Disclosure Barring Online Service

This Service provides a secure online environment with our partners NEREO, to provide a speedy, economical and high quality DBS service based on absolute accuracy and efficiency that will enhance your safeguarding process.

Online DBS enables organisations with a legitimate requirement to ask individuals to apply for disclosures, to gain access top this information quickly and efficiently.

Online Disclosure and Barring System



Recruitment and Staff Development

South West Councils has extended its capacity to offer a range of SHL management tools for use in recruitment and staff development.  

HR Services imageQuestionnaires are undertaken online, and examples include:
  • Occupational Personality Questionnaires (psychometric tests)
  • 360 degree feedback reviews
  • Clerical checking
  • Verbal and numerical reasoning
  • Management scenarios

Our trained staff are able to assess the results of the completed exercises and communicate them to individuals and employers in order to support recruitment and development decisions.

For other specialist HR support and services contact Michele Evans